When it comes to workplace safety tips you will hear a lot of common ones spoken but what about the uncommon ones.

So the things that I want to cover are the tips that are not so common.

Workplace Safety TIPS For Employer's ...

#1 - Question yourself on what is the goal of your orientation ?

a. Is it just to get them out to work as soon as possible ?

b. Is it to find out how much experience they have in that field ?

c. Is it to find out any medical history ?

d. How about to find out their thoughts on safety ?

e. Or how about finding out how your safety orientation rates with other companies.

Here is a little fact from one persons point of view.With over 30 years in the construction business.
I have never been asked how one companies safety orientation compares with another.

So question your safety orientation and test it till it gets you the results that you want.

# 2- When it comes to Tool Box Talks use information that is relevant to your industry.

Use a little humor. Remember you want your safety meeting to set the tone for the day.

I know that it gets hard to find a different tool box topic everyday. As you navigate through out this web site you will find some great resources that will make this a lot easier

# 3- How about using Material Safety Data Sheets as a Tool Box Talk.

Everyday we use different chemicals so how about if you were to pick a common chemical and go over it during your tool box talk.

If you are just starting to collect your MSDS information visit the above MSDS link and you will find resources to both free and paid systems.

# 4- Building Procedures for each of the jobs that you have is probably one of the best workplace safety tips that I can give you.

Procedures are not only great from a safety point of view but you can use them for...

a. Training workers.

b. Ensuring that you don't have a work interruption if someone leaves your company.

c. They will also save you nothing but time and money by not having to reinvent the wheel on tasks that are only done on an infrequent basis.

Lets face it if Bill Bartmann who has become a billionaire from living in poverty.

Along with Chet Holmes who has helped businesses go from nothing to being on the Forbes 500 list recommend building procedures.

It may be a good idea.

# 5- Keep track of what PPE or personal protective equipment is being used.

By keeping track of what PPE is being used you will be able to tell if they are being used or misused.

Take gloves for example. If you are starting to get more hand injuries.

You might want to look at whether or not they are taking the gloves off because they are awkward to use.

Remember gloves are a lot cheaper than injuries.

Now onto...

Workplace Safety TIPS For Employee's ...

#1 - When it comes to your Personal Protective Equipment like gloves. Bring your own pair when first starting a new job

I have found that when starting a new job I am never sure that they will have gloves that fit properly.

So I always buy my first pair just to be sure.

Remember if you you have to work in them all day long you want them to fit snug and be comfortable.

#2 - Unfortunately I have to wear glasses that are bifocals.

Be aware with bifocals behind safety glasses it distorts your depth perception

Right now I have safety glasses where my prescription lenses clip onto them.

I have found that they really save my glasses from getting all scratched up especially working around welders.

#3 - One of the most important workplace safety tips I can give you is don't buy cheap Foot Wear.

Remember you are going to be on your feet all day long. If your foot wear doesn't fit right you are going to hurt all day long.

One thing that I have found is that boots with thinsolate can be pretty warm during the summer.

One thing you might want to do is also have a pair of unlined boots for the summer.

For more information on Safety Protection Equipment be sure to check out Safety Protection

Remember that personal protective equipment is you last line of defense so get to know what you should be using and ensure it is the proper equipment for the job.

#4 - When it comes to lifting don't forget to get help.

Back Injuries are one of the most common injuries on the work site.

Unfortunately they usually don't get reported because everyone thinks that if you have a back injury you will get fired or laid off.

Report your injuries but better yet prevent them by not being afraid to ask for help

My workplace safety tip #5 for Employee's is get involved with Accident Prevention.

This probably one of the best ways to ensure that you come home safely.

So you are thinking it sounds good but what do I have to do.

Here it is in a nut shell be observant and watch out for yourself and others.This is one of the biggest first steps for safety in the workplace.

If you see something that could trip yourself or others pick it up.

If you see something unsafe speak up or fix it. Watch out for the small things.

I's all about preventing accidents before they happen.

Do You Have Any Workplace Safety Tips?

If you have any Safety or Workplace Tips, we would love for you to Share it with us! You never know just one little tip could save a person not only time but it could easily prevent an injury.

This where we can all come together and help each other out.

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