Workplace Safety Facts.

Workplace Safety Facts can be one of the greatest allies to any safety program. It can also eat up a lot of your time and energy finding them.Trust me I have gone through that exercise.

My goal is to get you to the facts with the least amount of effort.

In my opinion what you should be looking for is workplace injury statistics The reason that I use the term injury statistics instead of safety statistics is that as unfortunate as it is, pointing out something bad that has happened has more impact.

So a good place to start looking would be government websites State,Federal,County and in Canada Provincial. The trouble is that this information is usually tucked away in different departments.

So to make it easier just follow the link above.

Newspaper articles can offer some great facts that will really get your point across.

Right, as if you have time to sit and read the newspaper.The wonderful thing about the internet is that it can keep you up to date with just a click of a mouse.

Check this out.Google has been kind enough to supply up to date news and all you have to do is stop by for a visit

Then there are your own company statistics. This is the best place but everyone may get tired of hearing the same old stats.

One of the biggest problems with gathering the facts is it takes time and the information that you get is not always up to date.

You also have to remember some statistics only come out every couple of years

For example the statistics below are from 2008 and this is 2012. The stats from 2010 for a few countries are just coming out now.

Does this mean you can only get stats that are a couple of years old on these countries? No since some countries agencies will only have reports coming out every couple of years so you have to dig further to get the up to date information

Also some agencies will charge you to get the safety information that you are looking for. We will let you know which ones have a fee so there are no surprises.

A Few Facts...

Here are a few workplace safety facts that compare a few countries to each other.

  • Canada - 2008 - 1,036 Workplace Deaths
  • United States - 2008 -5,071 Workplace Deaths
  • United Kingdom - 2008-180 Workplace Deaths
  • China - 2003 -11,449 Workplace Deaths
  • Germany - 2008 -57 Workplace Deaths

This gives you a little comparison on how some countries are doing. The fact remains that people are still dying everyday due to workplace activities.

So one of our goals is not only to show you how we are doing internationally but also locally.

If you look at the injury statistics above you will notice that some countries are doing better than others.

If you dig even further you will find different States,Provinces,Companies and organizations do better than others.

So this web site is where you can share idea's and get information that is working. Not just from me but people from all over the world.

Other Workplace Safety Facts That

We will be covering are things like...

  • Industrial Accidents
  • Safety Costs - How much is poor safety costing us.
  • Employee Drug Testing - Rights and wrongs
  • Young Workers - Some of these facts will surprise you.
  • Older Workers - You will find out about the up and down sides.

Plus as I get more workplace safety facts that I think will benefit you, I will add them to this site and relay them on to anyone who would like them.

As you know our goal is to help eliminate worplace injuries all over the world and we can only do that with the help of others.

So if you have any great places you go now to get workplace statistics drop us a line and we will add it to our website along with your name so you get full credit.

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