Safety Videos -  Use A Little Humor

Safety Videos are another great tool to use in your safety program. Personally I like to use a  little humor to help  make safety points.

Look at the video below it may seem funny but these types of things happen everyday. This video brings out some great points on why you should be planning out your jobs.

As you probably know there are video's you can get just about anywhere on the internet these days.So what I would like to do is break this section down into different catagories.For example...


Of course safety training video's like the one below is a great tool when you bring someone new into your company to make them aware of hazards but remember that you will need to address all the hazards

If you are just starting out. Remember you don't have to spend a fortune. So...

Where Can You Get Videos?

Of course you are using one of your best resources right now The Internet.

There are lots of websites out there that offer online videos. Of course some sites tell you they are free and then there is a charge after by becoming a member.

Don't worry I will sort that all out for you so there are no surprises. It is as easy as following the links.

One place to check for videos is Federal Governmental websites along with local agencies.

Also don't forget to check Safety Organizations. Even some libraries have videos that you can take out.

For paid videos we will give the scoop on some of the best places to go and what you can expect to pay.For free video clips there are web sites like

  • You Tube
  • Google
  • Yahho and
  • My Space

They have a wide selection but one of the disadvantages is sifting through all of them.Which can take up a lot of your time.

So we are breaking free video clips into sections such as

Confined Spaces
Crane Accidents
Fork Lift Accidents
Fall Protection and so forth

We will  try to make it as easy as possible for you. As I start building pages the above will turn into links for easy access.