Why Your Mission Statement Is So Important

Have you noticed mission statements are becoming more and more common?
One of the reason for this is to bring people together and have everyone trying to reach the same goal.
Of course for some companies their statement can be just lip service.

When it comes to safety one of the things to look at when you start with a company look at their statements.

I have worked with companies where you not only read their statement you also signed it and it was posted in every office building and lunch rooms that they had.

Also one of the main topics on that statement was safety.When you see something like that you know that a company cares about safety.As you know when it comes to workplace safety the only way that you are going to have success if by getting input from everyone.So why not put it front and center.

Here Are Our Mission, Vision and Values Statements

After listening to Spike Humer

who in my opinion is one of the great business minds of this decade and reading his newest book" The 10 Day Turnaround"

I knew I was going off track with this website and one of the main reasons is that I didn't have a mission,vision and values statements in place.

So it is kind of like steering a ship without a rudder.
So I took the time and studied on what I wanted to accomplish and here is what I came up with

Our Workplace Safety Information Website Mission Statement

Our mission is to be at the leading edge of workplace health and safety needs…to provide small business owners and workers the information, tips and resources that help slow startling statistics like these:


  • It is estimated that each year about 2.3 million men and women die from work-related accidents and diseases including close to 360,000 fatal accidents and an estimated 1.95 million fatal work related diseases.


  • This means that by the end of this day nearly1 million workers will suffer a workplace accident, and around 5,500 workers will die due to an accident or disease from their work.


In economic terms it is estimated that roughly four per cent of the annual global Gross Domestic Product, or US$1.25 trillion, is siphoned off by direct and indirect costs of occupational accidents and diseases such as lost working time, workers’ compensation, the interruption of production and medical expenses.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is this: To provide a special, one-stop-shop for your workplace safety needs. A place we all come together and co-create a safe work environment.

We will do this by supplying the most valuable tools,resources and information possible with continues improvement as our number one priority.

Our Values Statement

1. To consistantly focus on the needs of others

2. To be open minded to others point of view and to allow a voice to all.

3. To ensure that dealings with everyone is done with Honesty, Integrity and a pay it forward attitude.

4. To ensure that all information is easily understandable and as up to date as possible.

5. To help as many people as possible to understand the importance of workplace safety.Both personally and professionally.

What It All Boils Down To ....

As you can see by the mission statement and the other statements.
All it really boils down to is everyone getting togeteher and sharing different points of view.

Because in reality we all want the same thing but we get wrapped up in looking at things from only one perspective.

I truly believe that if workers, business owners and safety professionals get together and voice their concerns to each other they can come up with a solution that will work for everyone.

That is what the main goal of this site is and I hope you will join me and help make this website a great resource for everyone that visits.

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