Free Safety Video Clips For Everyone To Use And Enjoyline

The use of free safety video clips is a great tool that you can use for either your weekly or monthly safety meetings.The thing that I really like about them is that they are short and can really get everyone involved.

 Here are a couple of clips that I have found that I think you will like.If the headline is underlined this is a link to other clips for you to surf through

Crane Accidents

This first clip is a good example of why you want to ensure that your load is properly rigged. Having this happen to you would really be considered as having a bad day.

This next accident is a good reason why you need to know the weight of what you are lifting.When it comes to workplace safety you need to know your limitations.

Confined Spaces

Confined spaces can be one of the most dangerous activities that you can undertake and after watching these video's you will understand why.This first video is amazing. It really brings home how dangerous these spaces can be.

This next accident happened in 2007. One good questioin to ask is how well are we improving. At a safety meeting this is a great way to get input from your more experiencd people. I am sure they have some stories that can benifit everyone.


As you watch this video on Fork Lifts Top 10 Accidents for 2010 you can see just how lucky some people are. As you can see by the second video some people aren't as lucky when working around fork lifts.

When you see the following you can see how someone else's bad habits  being taught to the young  and inexperienced workers are just wrong.When we see someone doing something unsafe we have to put a stop to it


The number of Fall Protection accidents keep on being a big statistic every year even though the equipment available is getting better.People are getting trained and new systems being put into place

So what is the next step?

As I get more headings I will place them as a link below. There are still a lot areas that I would like to cover. If you find any great clips just e-mail me and I will be happy to place them on this site.

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